Who Had the Best Twitter Feud of 2012?

December 20, 2012 1:10 am

Twitter feuds were pretty common this year as it’s a platform to make short, snide comments and take jabs at others. This year there was 10 big celebrity feuds on the social media site. Can you recall any before you scroll down?

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Nicki Minaj Vs. Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler made a comment about Nicki’s judging ability on the upcoming season of American Idol and the superstar lashed out calling him a racist. He responded saying he was far from and he’s sorry if Nicki took his comment that way.


Zayn Malik Vs. Max George

The British boys got in a tiff after Zayn called Max a geek and he responded back with “wannabe.” Their heat got so intense that Tom Parker and Louis Tomlinson got involved too. Thankfully the boys settled down and went on their way to make more amazing music.


Beliebers Vs. Directioners

Beliebers and Directioners will always stick up for their idols, but both sides took it a little too far during the voting for MTV VMAs Best Pop Music Video and Most Share-Worthy Video. Thankfully the battle was over in a short matter of time.


Drake Bell Vs. Justin Bieber & Katy Perry

Drake tweeted out that he thought it was ridiculous for an artist to release a biographical film after being in the spotlight for five years. He said his account got hacked and that he wouldn’t say that about Katy but “bieber however….” Beliebers got extremely upset and Justin tweeted out that he didn’t want any “messes” between artists and fans. 


P!nk Vs. Selena Gomez

Pink is known to be an animal activist. She posted on Twitter that she saw painted horses for a shoot and expressed her feelings on the subject. Selena was shooting her “Love You Like a Love Song” video at the time with the pink horses but cut the footage from her official video to end the controversy.


Rihanna Vs. Joan Rivers Vs. Kelly Osbourne

Joan Rivers commented on RiRi and Chris possibly getting back together. Rihanna commented on Joan’s age in which Joan asked her to visit on E! Fashion Police. Kelly later chimed in saying that she respects RiRi but she should get Joan’s sense of humor because she “paved the way 4 all us opinionated ladies!”.


Rob Kardashian Vs. Rita Ora

Rob and Rita had a short lived relationship and then Rob took it to Twitter to comment on her and what she may or may not have done to effect and eventually end their relationship.


Chris Brown Vs. Jenny Johnson

Comedian Jenny Johnson responded to a tweet Chris sent out and it created a whole lot of drama. Chris got vulgar and eventually deleted his Twitter account to which many #TeamBreezy fans became upset and responded to Jenny with death threats.


LeAnn Rimes Vs. Brandi Glanville

Brandi was married to Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn was married to as well when Eddie and LeAnn both cheated on their spouses and then divorced them to marry each other. There has been drama ever since, especially on Twitter with snide, hurtful and angry remarks firing back and forth at each other.


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