10 People You Need to Avoid When Home For the Holidays!

December 21, 2012 1:10 am

Upon going home for the holidays, you are bound to run into people from high school! We are giving you the heads up on who to watch out for! Basically, if you see these people in the grocery store, walk the other way.

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The New Parent: They corner you and make you look at photos of their children that have already popped up on your news feed every day since they were born.

Carrie Dilluvio

Obnoxiously Successful: This person name drops who they work for, where they traveled this year, what car they’re driving and question why you don’t have the iPhone 5.

Brittany Blankenship

The Gamer: They still live in their parent’s basement and get paid to play video games online. The only time they come up for air is when they run out of Hot Pockets.

Ryan Figueroa

Was Hot and Is So Not: This is your former gorgeous high school flame who broke your heart. Lucky for you, you’ve aged well and they haven’t. Unlucky for you, they still have your number.

Getty Images

The Jock: High school was the peak of his existence, he still wears his letter man jacket and is an assistant coach for the team he once played for.

Married With Children – FOX

Regina George: Yes, she lives on. The hot girl you loved to hate is still popular and still has the perfect body. Ugh.

Mean Girls

The Hot Mess: While you are getting ready for bed on a Friday after a long day of working, they are still going to the bar in town and getting blacked out drunk only to do it again on Saturday night.

Lexi Lardner

High School Sweethearts: The sickeningly-cute couple from high school have taken the locker love notes and transformed them into Facebook love posts. Steer clear from their PDA when home for the holidays. Yuck.

Carrie Dilluvio

The Random: This is the person who recognizes you and asks all about your life, when you have no clue who they are!

Carrie Dilluvio


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