The Twilight Saga, Miley Cyrus’ Hair, & Mrs. Timberlake — 7 Forced Farewells of 2012

December 21, 2012 12:40 am

As we go on, we’ll remember 2012 – unless the world ends, in which case we’re not sure exactly what will happen. Regardless, break out the tissues and say your goodbyes, because here are the 7 things that are leaving us in 2012.

With the recent release of “Breaking Dawn: Part Two” the “Twilight” saga has officially come to a close. Ending faster than K-Stew’s relationship, our condolences go out to all you Twihards – keep your heads high!


Gossip Girl
We’re trying girl! CW’s hit show has finally ended its run. Our fashion forward friends from the big apple are gearing up for a finale filled with a beautiful wedding and a tragic death. In true “Gossip Girl” fashion the drama will continue up until the very last moment. XOXO – Gossip Girl.

Amanda Byne’s career
With her recent run-ins with the cops, paparazzi, and narcotics, Amanda Bynes is on the fast track to…where? From her fresh faced appearances on “The Amanda Show” and Hairspray, Amanda is entering an awkward stage. Let’s just hope Amanda’s comeback is just as epic.

Nickelodeon’s hit show “Victorious” is coming to an end, but luckily we’re not that mad about it because “Sam and Cat,” the spinoff is coming to a television near you! See, there is good in goodbye.

Miley Cyrus’ long locks
The chop heard round the world! We are all used to it now, and can barely remember her “Hannah Montana” days, but her drastic hair makeover happened just this year! 2012 has us saying goodbye to Miley’s hair but 2013 has us saying hello to her new music!














Potential of dating Justin Timberlake
We’re crying a river and we’re not ashamed. Can we please have a moment of silence for JT’s bachelor days? With his recent marriage to Jessica Biel, now Mrs. JT, Justin is officially off the market. Now it’s up to JT Jr. to bring sexy back in 2030.

Jersey Shore
Cabs are here and set to take away the cast of “Jersey Shore” from our television sets forever – or until another one of them gets a spin-off series. Either way, it is still so sad to say goodbye to Snooki, Pauly D and the rest of the gang. Have fun smushing in television heaven guys!

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