Top 10 Christmas Present Freak Outs

December 24, 2012 12:50 am

We all know that Christmas is all about being with everyone you love the most and spreading holiday cheer. But there is nothing wrong with getting a little excited over receiving a few presents as well.

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We have searched YouTube and have found videos of some kids freaking out over their Christmas presents because they are so happy. Enjoy and vote for your favorite video. Maybe one of you just might end up on our list next year.

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This first video is of a young boy, who is safe to say he is just a little excited for his new Xbox 360.

This Video shows how just a new iPod Touch can make any little girl freak out with excitement.

This is an oldie but goodie. This video goes to show hoe even Nintendo 64 made kids freak out back in the day.

Even today, Nintendo still brings Christmas joy to young children. Watch as this kid goes crazy for his brand new Wii system.

This one goes to sho that you even adults can go crazy for their gifts. Watch as this woman is surprised by her husband with a Kindle Fire.

Its not always the electronics that get people all excited. Watch as this little loses her breath when she receives a brand new doll.

The magic of Harry Potter makes this young boy freak out on Christmas morning. But even better is his younger sister telling him that he is too loud.

These three kids freak out over their gifts at the same time. The little girl even forgets to breath for a brief second.

This one is short but sweet. Watch as this kid gets so excited that he pulls out his evil laugh.

This grown woman is brought to tears when she unwraps her gift Christmas morning. It is an autographed picture of Patrick Stewart.


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