Vote For Your Favorite Of These 20 Christmas Classics!

December 25, 2012 12:50 am

It’s that time of year again; that time of year when you can turn on virtually any TV channel and catch one of your favorite Christmas movies! Thank goodness for TiVo, because there are just so many that we love to watch! But if you had to choose just one- what would your favorite Christmas movie of all time be?

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Would it be a classic like “It’s A Wonderful Life“? Or maybe a newer hilarious feature like Will Ferrell‘s “Elf“? We’ve posted some clips to refresh your holiday memory, & don’t forget to vote for your favorite festive film below!

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It’s A Wonderful Life” – 1947
It’s the classic tale of re-dos, passionate love, and angels on Earth.

White Christmas” – 1954
We all dream of it, but if we don’t get actual snow, this movie and it’s amazing musical score will always but a smile on your face. Here’s a clip from one of the famous songs from the film!

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” – 1964
We all watched it as kids, and still love it as adults! Rudolph’s claymation taught us that it was ok to be a misfit.

A Charlie Brown Christmas” – 1965
It’s the tale of friends coming together and sharing the holidays with the people you love the most! “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!”

A Christmas Story” – 1983
A pink bunny suit, a leg-shaped-lamp, and the infamous tongue-to-pole dare. Check out this funny clip from this hilarious movie!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” – 1989
If you think your family is cause for havoc on Christmas, this movie will make you feel much better about your life. We’re not sure anything goes right during this Christmas Vacation!

Home Alone” – 1990
Usually being left alone at home means re-runs of “Friends” and pigging out on every snack in the house. In young Kevin’s case, it meant a whole lot more. From burglars to intricate pranks, this movie keeps us laughing all the way through!

The Muppet Christmas Carol” – 1992
“God bless us, every one!” This Christmas story goes Muppet in a cute twisted version of a classic tale.

The Santa Clause” – 1994
This movie starring Tim Allen gives the phrase “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause” a whole new meaning. This hilarious movie turned into a series, causing every child around the world to hope that one day their Dad could become Santa!

Miracle on 34th Street” – 1994
This 1994 version of an original classic will make your eyes well up with hope and kindness around the holiday season. It’s the tale of defending what is right, and what’s right in this case- is Santa Claus! 

Jingle All The Way” – 1996
What happens when you wait until the last minute to get the have-to-have gift? This movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us that procrastinating on Christmas could be bad for everyone involved!

Jack Frost” – 1998
From dreaming about your Dad as Santa, to your Dad becoming a Snow Man, this movie about turning tragedy into triumph will melt your heart, but hopefully not the snow!

The Grinch” – 2000
He’s “the… the the the…. THE GRINCH!”  Jim Carrey brings this classic Dr. Seuss tale to life in a hilarious and quotable real-life version of how the Christmas spirit can really make your heart grow.

Elf” – 2003
Possibly the most quotable Christmas movie of all time, Will Ferrell makes wearing an elf suit and dancing around New York City desirable to say the least. From proving that Santa is real to finding the best cup of coffee, Buddy the elf is probably one of our favorite Christmas characters!

Bad Santa” – 2003
Billy Bob Thorton as Santa Claus is reason for any parent to cringe, but this hilarious tale about being an underdog will win you over despite your previous notions.


Love Actually” – 2003
This romantic picture-perfect Christmas story unites the journeys of friends and strangers alike, showing us that Christmas magic is really all around. This film is full of hilarious jokes, music that makes the moment, an all-star cast, and British accents we can’t get enough of!

Polar Express” – 2004
Tom Hanks brings this lovable book to life, teaching us to believe in what our hearts are saying. This touching tale of Christmas magic will fill your heart with love around the holiday season!

Christmas with the Kranks” – 2004
Tim Allen makes the list again with Jamie Lee Curtis in this hilarious story about how one family decides to “skip Christmas.” A strange turn of events leads to a crazy last minute Christmas party, and a whole lot in between!

Fred Claus” – 2007
As if Vince Vaughn wasn’t funny enough already, playing Santa Claus’ brother almost seems like a role he was born to play. See him struggle with the Christmas spirit in this hilarious film!

Four Christmases” – 2008
And speaking of Vince Vaughn, he and Reese Witherspoon make the perfect holiday couple- except when they try to ditch their families on Christmas! Watch the hilarious movie about this couple failing to dodge those awkward family dinners, and instead finding their own meaning of Christmas.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite!


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