Puppies, Penguins, & One Grumpy Gorilla — Our 5 Favorite Critters Celebrating Christmas

December 26, 2012 12:50 am

It is that time of year that everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. But that doesn’t mean that only the humans can celebrate all of these festivities. The pets are getting in on it as well.

Christmas Classics Turned Into Holiday Hits – Our 5 Favorite YouTube Covers!

We have gathered out top five favorite cute Christmas animal and want you to pick the best. Enjoy these furry, festive animals.

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This video goes to show that presents are not just for the kids. Watch as this dog happily unwrap his his new toys on christmas morning.

This next cute puppy finds his way into a band of musical snowmen.

When it comes to making Santa’s good list, this Pug pulls out all the tricks. Watch as he does his tricks in his little Christmas sweater.

When you think of Christmas, you automatically think of all the snow. These are a few animals that know a thing or two about snow. Watch as these penguins parade around in their holiday spirit.

Here is a variety of animals as on of Santas little helpers helps spread the joy in the ZSL London Zoo.



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