Jessica Alba, Jonas Brothers, & Batman — Our Five Favorite Chat Roulette Videos

December 27, 2012 12:50 am

If you have never actually used Chat Roulette, we are sure you have heard rumors of all the crazy, sometimes inappropriate things you might find. But every now and then, you get paired with a user who just might make your day.

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We have gathered all of our favorite Chat Roulette videos. Now it is all up to you to pick the best one!

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It seems that the Gangnam Style craze is taking over more sites than YouTube. This Chatroulette user decided to recreate the entire video for random viewers.

This next one is of a guy dressed like Batman. But is it really the caped crusader of someone else?

When on chatroulette, you dont really expect to run into a celebrity. But watch the reactions of these people when they are paired with Pauly D as he dances to “No Americano.”

Here is yet another great celebrity prank. This time unsespecting Chatroulette userers are paired up with Jessica Alba.

This next Chatroulette user is a grandma who brings lots of cheer to the other users buy using her cheerful laugh.


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