Which Superstar Female Was The Most Searched on Yahoo!?

December 27, 2012 12:01 am

Many powerful women in entertainment made their mark in 2012 from actresses to reality stars to musicians to models but which of them piqued our interest the most this year? Yahoo determined which female celebrities were the most searched for 2012, and a new comer almost took the crown.

Kanye West Recording Music with Girlfriend Kim Kardashian

With her movie “Part of Me” and her string of hits, Katy Perry landed at the number five spot. Multi-hyphenate Jennifer Lopez is number four, just behind the headline grabbing Lindsay Lohan at number three. Supermodel Kate Upton at number two “dougied” and “cat daddied” into our hearts making the list for the first time. But the Queen of Reality TV Kim Kardashian proves she’s the Queen Kween of the Web as well taking that number one spot.


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