The Most Searched TV Comedies of 2012 Include A British Baby & A Bunch Of Nerds

January 1, 2013 12:01 am

Lots of TV shows got us laughing in 201 even though some never intended to. But if you wanna know which comedies were fan favorites Yahoo sent us their most searched comedies for 2012 and on top were a few cartoons trouble makers and nerds.

Seth MacFarlane Cast as Peter Griffin in Live Action ‘Family Guy’ Movie?

At fifth was Seth MacFarlane’s brainchild “Family Guy” while coming in fourth was another edgy animated show South Park. Third place was owned by the comedy / musical hybrid “Glee“, and finishing second is Neil Patrick Harris’ playground “How I Met Your Mother“. Lastly proving you can be nerdy, well educated and still be very popular “Big Bang Theory” takes the number one spot.


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