ROUND 1: Who Are The Best Fans — Lovatics, Smilers, Beliebers?

January 10, 2013 12:20 am

Celebrities wouldn’t be anything without a loyal fan base, which is why we decided to give the fan bases a chance to vote for their group! From Beliebers to Glamberts, we’ve stacked up the most popular fan bases! Vote in the poll below to tell us who has the most dedicated, loyal, and overall best fans!


Beliebers – The fan base that has always beliebed in Justin Bieber.

Glamberts – Always with Adam Lambert every step of the way, through the glitter and the glam!

Swifties – No matter if she’s in a relationship or not, Taylor Swift can always count on her fans to have her back.

Lovatics – The fan base that has loved Demi Lovato from “Camp Rock” to “The X Factor“.

Smilers – At the end of the day, they will always put a smile on Miley Cyrus face.

Directioners – There is only one route these fans go, and that’s One Direction.

Carebears – Carrie Underwood can always count on her fans to care for her.

Brats – Even if they’re acting naughty, Cher Lloyd will forever have support from her fans.

Barbz – Nicki Minaj will never be lonely as she has a large fan base.

Britney Army - Britney Spears will always have fans “Till The World Ends“.

Monsters – These fans will always have their paws up for Lady Gaga.

Katy Cats – This fan base purrs for Katy Perry helping her mega-successful career.

Team Breezy – Not matter what anyone says, Chris Brown’s fans will always have his back.

Navy – If there is a war, be sure not to start with Rihanna, her fans go “Hard”.



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