‘Mobbed’ Host Howie Mandel Reveals Lady Gaga Wants To Do An Episode!

January 10, 2013 12:01 am

An all new episode of the public dance spectacle “Mobbed,” hosted by Howie Mandel hits FOX tonight at 8/7c. We heard a rumor that the show might be surprising some celebrities in future episodes, but when we asked Howie about it he revealed that a huge star actually surprised them by inquiring about joining a mob.

Watch The Flash Mob That Made Lady Gaga Cry

“We got a message from Lady Gaga’s people saying that saying that she would like to be part of these mobs. We weren’t mobbing a celebrity, but we’ve had celebrities who’ve inquired and wanted to be part of the flash mob,” Howie explained. Wouldn’t you love to see the reaction of a crowd of people mobbing to “Poker Face” when Gaga just casually walks over and joins in!


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