Miguel Talks Surprising Success of ‘Adorn’

January 14, 2013 12:01 am

Last nights broadcast of “The Golden Globes” is just a tease of what to expect as we head into award season. The next big night will take place on February 10 as “The Grammy Awards” will take place, and we’re sure no one is as excited as Miguel.

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The R&B singer nabbed five nominations for his successful hit “Adorn“, including song of the year. So, we asked Miguel if he had any idea when he was writing and recording the song that it would be such a smash hit?

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“I remember starting…and two hours later I was listening to a full song. As a musician you’re like, ‘it should be played on the radio,’ if you believe that about your music. But whether of not I thought it was going to be played on the radio…that’s a completely different story,” he tells us.