Samuel L. Jackson ‘Sings’ A Taylor Swift Hit

January 16, 2013 11:10 am

Samuel L. Jackson’s latest role? An angsty, broken hearted girl.

Kellan Lutz Fights Samuel L. Jackson For His Life

In an interview with 95.8FM Capital London Breakfast Show on January 11th, the actor took to the mic with his rendition of Taylor Swift’sWe Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Jackson was in the studio to promote his new movie, “Django Unchained,” when a caller asked him to send a message to her boyfriend, reports Capital FM.

It’s Splitsville For Taylor Swift & Harry Styles

The actor agreed to do a reading of T-Swift’s 2012 hit, off of her album “Red“, which peaked at number 2 on American Top 40 back in November.

With a slower pace, serious tone, and a couple of swears, we definitely think he got the callers message across.