The Tempura Kidz Rock Funky Style

January 23, 2013 11:45 am

First PSY with “Gangnam Style,” then Girls’ Generation, and now the Tempura Kidz’. In their latest video, “Cider Cider,” this girl group packs some awesome new dance moves to obsess over.

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This Japanese girl group features 5 dancers; P → ★, KARIN, NaNaHo, YU-KA, and AO. There’s a buzz about these girls because of their charisma, pro hip-hop moves, and comedic lyrics about their favorite drink. Their other song “Strobe,” has already been featured on a popular Japanese Anime show, and they’re set to release their first single, “One Step,” in March.

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According to their website, the girls have decided to theme their dances around this years zodiac, “The Year of the Snake.” Check out the video for “Cider Cider” to see their snake-like moves.