OneRepublic Releases Music Video for ‘If I Lose Myself’

January 28, 2013 2:20 pm

OneRepublic, the brilliant band that brought us iconic songs like “Good Life,” “Stop and Stare,” and “Apologize,” is back with a vengeance and with an amazing new music video, “If I Lose Myself.”

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In an interview with MTV News, OneRepublic explains that the song is actually about “waking up on a plane, and realizing that its going down”. They talk about looking at the person you love sitting next to you, and realizing that you are together and you are going to be okay.

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Ryan Tedder Of OneRepublic told Billboard, “We’re stoked to actually have this thing come out because we haven’t put out an album in three years now and frankly I don’t really want to do that again.” It has also already reached #11 on iTunes since it dropped. Their brand new album “Native” will be released in March, so make sure to go get your copy when its released.


Watch OneRepublic Explain More About The Meaning of “If I Love Myself”

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