The Wanted Set to Star in E! Reality Show

February 5, 2013 7:22 am

The Wanted‘s Max George called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to reveal he and his fellow bandmates are going to not only live in LA, but in the same house together—and wait for it—it’ll all be available for you to witness!

That’s right! Max shared to us exclusively he and the boys are set to star in their own reality show on E!, produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions. Premiering in June, The Wanted Life (working title), will chronicle the professional and personal lives of the edgy pop music powerhouse.

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Max shared: “We’re moving into Hollywood into a big house…for a certain period of time doing a bit of filming, bit of fly on the wall…feel so sorry for [the neighbors] apologies now! We’re doing a show for E! and all really excited about it.”

So which boys are most likely to not be there in the morning?

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Max tells us: “It depends for what reason…normally it’s me and Jay [McGuiness] spend quite a lot of time outside of our own home for whatever reason, so I think me and Jay will be doing a lot of staying else where.”

Although the majority of the group is of age, Nathan Sykes is only 19-years-old. So will this hinder their LA lifestyle?

Max joked: “Listen, he’ll be fine. We will sort it out.”

For more from Max, like whether he has Valentine’s Day plans and if they’re with Lindsay Lohan, listen to the full interview above!