Grand Central Station Celebrates Its 100th Birthday with A Light Show!

February 5, 2013 2:45 am

For once the flashing lights in NYC were not a flock of paparazzi!

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On Saturday, February 2nd, Grand Central Station turned 100, and Improv Everywhere surprised commuters with a spectacular light show. 135 volunteers stood in the grand windows of the station and performed choreography that was given to them day of. Equipped with LED flashlight,s and camera’s for flashing, the participants followed directions given to them through speakers in the rafters.

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The Improv Everywhere group have done over 100 other improv missions, including a previous Grand Central piece; their most viewed thus far. They report that they were delighted when Art for Transit contacted them to be a part of the centennial celebration.

Based on the smiling faces of the on-lookers, looks like everyone was just as delighted by the spectacle.