News Anchor Chuck Henry & Big Bear Residents Share Details On Dorner Manhunt

February 13, 2013 10:01 am

NBC 4 news anchor Chuck Henry and some Big Bear residents called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to share details leading up to the end of the Christopher Dorner manhunt.

Chuck Henry has been reporting on the Dorner Manhunt in Big Bear. However does he think there is any chance the charred body in the house is not Christopher Dorner? “I don’t think there’s a chance at all. Everybody that I have talked with in law enforcement…it’s him. They just haven’t made the official announcement,” Chuck says. When will this be confirmed? “”It’s up to the San Bernardino County Coroner. If it was LAPD, I’d say you would probably know pretty quick. I think these guys are going to be very, very cautious. They may come up with something today, but I don’t expect that they will.” Listen to Chucks full interview below.

Rosa, an executive housekeeper at Big Bear Frontier Hotel recalls receiving a message that her sons high school was on lockdown. “I was at home. First of all my son called me and he was telling me that the school got locked down, again,…but he was whispering and I got so scared I started shaking,” Rosa tells us. “He said that they were safe, but they heard a gunshot, the shooting. Because the school is very close to Sugarloaf and that is where they started the shooting.”

Rosa’s son Alfonso then joined the call to detail what actually happened inside the school after the announcement was made that the school was on lock down. “It was probably about 12:40, about 10 minutes after this had happened. Then my friend came back from outside and he heard that there were gunshots. He was telling me, but I didn’t believe him. Then our principal came on the intercom and told us to get to the nearest classroom we could, not ask questions, just get to the nearest classroom, and he would tell us everything later. When we were in the classroom the lights were off, the computers were off, we had to shut the blinds, we had to sit on the floor. Later we were in the class and out teacher had told us what had happened.”

Mora, a Big Bear Lake resident lived down the street from where Christopher Dorner was hiding. “I live right across the street. I’ve been out there watching everything that been going down. I was there when the ambulance came to pick up the two women that were apparently kidnapped in that house,” she explains. “It was right where the briefing was, where the authorities where. He was apparently there the whole time watching, he didn’t even need to watch the news. He could literally look out the window or just hear it. He was so close. Probably within 25 yards of where they were…he was right under their nose the whole time.” Mora continues, “I was pretty scared. I had a feeling he was still up here. there’s just no way he could have gotten out of there without anybody seeing him.”