Twitter Users Share Their #MajorTurnOffs

February 13, 2013 12:40 am

Still looking for your Valentine? Well, apparently, you wont find them doing these things!

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#MajorTurnOffs is trending on Twitter a mere 2 days before the famous day for lovers, providing a little insight on what the people of Twitter don’t like in a significant other. Some were understandable, and others were outrageous. Here are some of our favorites!


#majorturnoffs guys knowing they’re attractive and thinking they’re God’s gift to women… — Sarah Mae Hoyle (@sarahmaehoyle) February 12, 2013
#majorturnoffs Girls that over dress for no occasion. Coming out like they’re going to get married everytime they step out the house. — Arbaz (@Arbaz01) February 12, 2013
#majorturnoffs I’d say indecisiveness. Or maybe not. Tough one — Oliver frampton (@framos735) February 12, 2013