The Script’s Video “If You Could See Me Now” May Make You Cry

February 19, 2013 8:30 am

Caution: You may become teary-eyed after watching this video!

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Irish band, The Script, released their video for “If You Could See Me Now,” on February 18th. In the song they rap and sing lyrics explaining they hope they’re making their parents, that have passed, proud. The video also takes us on tour with them, with clips from live shows bringing us in to the crowds and on the stage.

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The Script’s
last hit, off of their most recent album “#3” was “Hall Of Fame,” which featuredWill. I. Am. The song peaked at #26 on the Billboard 100 Charts. That song encouraged young people to strive for more than fame, and this new one inspires us to appreciate our parents while we have them. They’re a deep group those Script guys! You can check out the video below.