Oscar Dinner Chef Wolfgang Puck Reveals The Menu

February 21, 2013 9:45 am

Hollywood’s most well known chef Wolfgang Puck phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” amidst prepping the food along with 300 other chefs for this Sunday’s Oscars to reveal his plans to make the night more of a party atmosphere than sit down dinner.

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The culinary champ revealed small plates are essentially the new black, telling us: “This year [the Oscar food] is going to be fun because it’s going to be a party instead of a formal sit down dinner. Now you still have tables to sit down…but we have all small plates so we have traditional things like our spicy tuna cones, mini burgers, veggie spring rolls…and all these little things to pass around.”

Adding, they’ll also have main courses from chicken potpie with black truffle to baked potatoes with caviar and more to choose from. And for those celebs that are vegan, like Ellen DeGeneres, Puck is sure to have vegan options on the menu as well, like risotto.

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Puck explains the new trend of small plates as: “I think [they're] definitely becoming more of a trend especially with the younger people who want different tastes instead of having one big dish. With this Oscar menu we have a lot of small plates and people are going to have a lot of fun…with the different flavors.”