Chelsea Clinton Reveals Why She Wanted to Interview Author Judy Blume on Rock Center

March 1, 2013 10:25 am

Chelsea Clinton, who serves as a special correspondent for NBC, recently sat down with author Judy Blume on Rock Center with Brian Williams and revealed toOn Air with Ryan Seacrest” she wanted to interview the author because she couldn’t imagine growing up without her books.

Chelsea shares: “I cannot imagine my life between the ages of eight and twelve without Judy Blume.” Adding: “She was so just so relevant to all of our lives, [it was] kind of safer to talk about what her characters were navigating through and dealing with than it was for us to talk about our own experiences.”

The daughter of former President William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shared to prepare for the interview she “read fourteen of her books in four days.”

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Adding, that while rereading those books, she was “flooded with all these memories of how her characters helped navigate me through things that I think a lot of kids go through.” Like, “worrying about homework, worrying about if the boy I liked, liked me; whether as a girl I could stand up to the boys, dealing with puberty—all the things her characters deal with, with such grit and determination and that meant so much to as a little kid.”

Although Chelsea’s a huge fan of Blume, she joked her husband Marc Mezvinsky didn’t know who Blume was!

Chelsea laughed: “My husband didn’t know who Judy Blume was when I came home and was so excited to go to Key West and spend a few days with her. Mark was like, ‘Who is Judy Blume? And why are you so excited about this?’ And I was so dumbfounded. I was like, ‘How can you not know who Judy Blume is?’ It was one of the few moments in our marriage where I was like, ‘How is this possible that we’re married and you don’t know who this person is that was so seminal to me and all girls growing up?’ And he was like, Cause I wasn’t a girl?’ And I was like, ‘Ah, yes that’s a good point!'”

Be sure to catch Chelsea’s interview with Judy Blume on Rock Center with Brian Williams on NBC tonight at 10/9c.