Ken Baker Discusses Tori Spelling & Star Magazine Feud

March 4, 2013 7:01 am

E! News Ken Baker phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to give us the latest on Tori Spelling‘s feud with Star Magazine.

Ken recaps Tori, while at the store with her two children, caught a glimpse of a tabloid magazine which read she and Dean will be getting a divorce,prompting her to then post an open letter to the magazine discounting the claims on her website.

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Ken shares: “It’s really sparked a whole debate, you know not only in the media world, but with people debating  whether or not reality stars opening up their lives particularly putting their children on camera like that if they’re opening themselves up for this kind of thing to happen when they do that.”

Adding, after Tori posted the letter, Star then released an official statement which included: “What they said was, ‘We don’t understand why she believes her husband Dean McDermott is off limits to celebrity news magazines.’ And goes on to say, ‘Their fairtytale relationship began when they had an affair shortly after he and his then wife Mary Jo had adopted their second child.’ So they took another shot at her in [their own] response and then they say in closing, ‘The couple has made a living by choosing to put their families private life on display on reality tv. We stand by our story.’ So what we have here is a major feud.”

To hear more from Ken, listen below!