ROUND 1: Who Has The Best Justin Timberlake Cover?

March 4, 2013 11:01 pm

March Music Madness

We love Justin Timberlake, and we love cover songs. Let’s find the best one!

We’ve created 5 playlists of our favorite JT songs including “Suit & Tie” and “Cry Me A River” and we found 10 of our favorite acoustic, acapella,and  piano cover of these songs. Here’s the trick. You tell us which one is best.

Vote daily to keep your favorite artist safe from elimination when the first round closes on March 10th at 11:59 P.M. Enjoy the cover songs below, but caution as there may be explicit lyrics.

Did we miss your favorite cover artist? Tweet us a link at @OnAirWithRyan, and we will add one artist to Round 2! Sit back and listen to them all.


Suite & Tie Cover Contestants


Help James Alan win by clicking here!

Help Matty B win by clicking here!

Help Shy Bogs win by clicking here!

Help Justin Breit win by clicking here!

Help Ali Brustokski win by clicking here!

Help Chris C. win by clicking here!

Help Young Mark win by clicking here!

Help Leah McFall win by clicking here!

Help Derik Nelson win by clicking here!

Help Sean Rumsey win by clicking here!

Help Max Schneider win and click here!

Help Jordan Solo win by clicking here!

Help Eric Stanley win by clicking here!

Help Adam Stanton win by clicking here!

Help Jeni Suk win by clicking here!

Help Chloe T. win by clicking here!

Help Tyler Ward win by clicking here!

Help Bri & Jervy win by clicking here!

Senorita Cover Contestants


Help Drew Arcoleo win by clicking here!

Help Artit & Geneva win by clicking here!

Help Gavin & Jon win by clicking here!

Help Christian F. win by clicking here!

Help Iris Leonardo win by clicking here!

Help Alex Q. win by clicking here!

Help Rick Roman win by clicking here!

Help Jill-Marie win by clicking here!

Help Traphik win by clicking here!

Help VJ Rolales win by clicking here!

“Cry Me A River” Cover Contestants
(Vote Daily)

Help Ana Free win by clicking here!

Help Austin Mahone win. Click here!

Help Avaberee win by clicking here!

Help David James win by clicking here!

Help Edei win by clicking here!

Help Gurpreet Sarin win by clicking here!

Help Jaxn win by clicking here!

Help JR Aquino win by clicking here!

Help Philbert Simon win. Click here!

Help Shayne Orok win by clicking here!

Help Sami and Lil Crazed win. Click here!

Help Scott and Ben win by clicking here!

“My Love” Cover Contestant

Help George Azzi win. Click here!

Help Camisado win. Click here!

Help Danz D win. Click here!

Help Sam DeArmond win. Click here!

Help Brad Doggett win. Click here!

Help Eliad win. Click here!

Help Inrockswin. Click here!

Help Lisa Vitale win. Click here!

Help Spleen United win. Click here!

Help Jessica and Lukewin win. Click here!

Help Linda, Josh, & Balu win. Click here!

“What Goes Around…” cover contestant!


Help Clark Beckham win. Click here!

Help Stephanie B. win. Click here!

Help Brianna Conroywin. Click here!

Help Justyn Dow win. Click here!

Help Martynas K. win. Click here!

Help Sam Masghati win. Click here!

Help Joeseph Morris win. Click here!

Help Samuel Pope win. Click here!

Help David Sides win. Click here!

Help Hobbie Stuart win. Click here!


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