ROUND 1: Vote For The Best Carrie Underwood Music Video

March 6, 2013 1:01 am

Our favorite “All-American Girl“, Carrie Underwood, is dominating the past year in music, so we’re going to celebrate by finding out which of her videos are our favorite! From her first inspiring single, “Jesus, Take The Wheel” to her dark, mysterious latest hit “Two Black Cadillacs“, we need your help picking what her best music video is!


Help  “Jesus, Take The Wheel” win!

Help “Don’t Forget To Remember Me” win!

Help “Before He Cheats” win!

Help “Wasted” win!

Help “I’ll Stand By You” win!

Help “So Small” win!

Help “Ever Ever After” win!

Help “All-American Girl” win!

Help “Last Name” win!

Help “Just A Dream” win!

Help “I Told You So (Live)” win!

Help “Cowboy Casanova” win!

Help “Temporary Home” win!

Help “Undo It” win!

Help “Mama’s Song” win!

Help “Good Girl” win!

Help “Blown Away” win!

Help “Two Black Cadillacs” win!