ROUND 1: Who Has The Best Maroon 5 Cover?

March 7, 2013 5:05 am

March Music Madness

Who needs a “Payphone” when you have YouTube? We’ve compiled our favorite videos and need you to help us find the best Maroon 5 cover!

We’ve found some of the most interesting Maroon 5 cover artists singing “Moves Like Jagger”, “Harder To Breathe”, and other hits. Here’s the trick, you tell us which one is best.

Vote daily to keep your favorite artists safe from elimination when the first round closes on March 12th at 11:59 P.M. Enjoy the cover songs below, but caution as there may be explicit lyrics. Did we miss your favorite cover artist? Tweet us a link at @OnAirWithRyan, and we will add one artist to Round 2! Sit back and listen to them all.

“Moves Like Jagger


Help Arlene Zelina win!

Help Evan Gardner win!

Help Larry Graham win!

Help Marcus Collins win!


Help Mazur Muzik win!

Help Nathan Chan win!

Help NEXCYX win!

Help Pentatonix win!

Help Peter & Savannah win!

Help Tiffany & Jason win!



Help Alex G win!

Help Alex Goot win!

Help Beth win!

Help Boyce Avenue win!

Help Brad Go win!

Help Lacy Cavalier win!

Help Marcus Matteo win!

Help One2Five win!

Help Paradise Fears win!

One More Night
(Vote Daily)

Help Annie Rose win!

Help Banda Supertoy win!

Help Havok Jones win!

Help Katie Sky win!

Help Kurt, Sam and Kevin win!

Help Madilyn Bailey win!

Caution: Explicit Language

Help Mike Stud and ELEW win!

Help Officialityyyy win!

Help Shane Stever win!


Help Alex, Nick & Ryan win!

Help Chelsea Williams win!

Help Chester, Tyler, & Lindsey win!

Help J. Rice win!

Help Madyon win!

Help Nick & Ryan win!

Help Nolan win!

Help Phoebe win!

Help Ryan Shubert win!

Help WhoIsVers win!

Harder To Breathe


Help Beau Badrick win!

Help Bruno Casagrande win!

Help David Fowler win!

Help Fede Rabaquino win!

Help Hana-li win!

Help Joanna Burns win!

Help Lydia Evangeline win!

Help Sarah Rose win!

Help Shouting at Satellites win!

Help Some Kind of Remedy win!