MJ’s Drinking Habits Revealed in Shahs Lost Footage

March 10, 2013 8:47 pm

After Reza accused MJ of being an alcoholic at last week’s Shahs Of Sunset reunion, viewers are getting a better sense of the Persian’s drinking habits.

Reza Shocks MJ With Wild Accusations On Shahs Reunion

In Sunday’s lost footage episode, MJ met with her therapist where she was asked about her alcohol consumption. “I enjoy the fact that I like to drink,” MJ said. “Am I a nun? Am I a practicing Mormon?”

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It was no laughing matter, however, at Reza’s Rosh Hashanah dinner where Mike told MJ to stop drinking. “I wanted to strangle her because she was making such a scene,” Mike said. Does MJ like to have fun or is there something more serious going on?