Will ‘Twerkin’ Miley Cyrus Get A Matching Unicorn Tattoo with J. Dash?

March 27, 2013 11:08 am

You’ve probably seen Miley Cyrus‘ unicorn-onesie-wearing Twerk video by now, but were you familiar with the “Wop” song before?!

After Miley revealed her major dance moves to the “Wop” jam, which debuted almost two years ago and was widely received yet remained still semi-unknown today, the song climbed 500 spots in just 5 days!

Miley Cyrus Proves To Fans She’s A Blinged-Out Twerking Unicorn

So when did the man behind the catchy tune J. Dash hear about Miley’s video?

J. Dash revealed to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest“: “I was in the bed, laid out sick, and I got a phone call saying, ‘Hey, have you seen this video of Miley Cyrus?’ And I said, ‘Nah.’ I thought they were making it up. [Then] I actually got a message from Miley and we joked about getting matching unicorn tattoos.”

Download “Wop” here!