Laurie Holden Admits Whether She’s Dating Norman Reedus or Not

March 28, 2013 7:50 am

Laurie Holden phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to talk AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead and whether she’s dating costar Norman Reedus or not!

The actress, who plays Andrea, addressed those costar romance rumors, revealing: “I think that Norman kind of fuels that fire because he loves to come up and kiss me on red carpets and then I get the backlash because all his teenage fans who love him come after me and they’re like, ‘back off that’s my man!’ Adding, “no, we love each other. We are like the best of friends but I think he likes to stir the pot a bit.”

As for how Andrea’s fate will play out in the upcoming finale?

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Laurie shares: “I think everybody should fear that’s a possibility [I die]. I mean I’m in a torture chamber, I’ve been there for two episodes,…so it remains to be seen whether she is able to escape or is saved or what have you but that gal’s a fighter. She is going to fight to the finish.”

And we had to ask, do any scenes totally gross her out?

Laurie laughed: “So many scenes gross me out. I love BBQ spare ribs and I’m a big pasta eater and this has completely ruined so many foods for me. Because when they have the zombies, especially when the zombies are feeding, they put the special effects makeup on and they cover them in BBQ spare ribs and big pieces of rigatoni and when you smell and see it, it’s like, ‘I will never eat that again!'”

To hear more from Laurie, listen to the full interview below: