Watch The Hillywood Show Dance the ‘Gangam Style’ in ‘Twilight’ Parody

April 1, 2013 10:55 am

The Hillywood Show has poked fun at “The Hunger Games“, “The Hobbit“, “Harry Potter” and of course the “Twilight” movies in their hilarious parodies.

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Now, the comedy sister duo are bidding farewell to Edward, Jacob and Bella with a little help from Psy in their latest YouTube video. “Oppan Twilight Style!” the girls sing as they run through the forests and unite with vampires to protect their newest family member in a tribute to “Breaking Dawn Part 2“.

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Along the way, the girls can’t help but bust a move to “Gangnam Style“. Bet the Volturi wasn’t expecting that! Learn more about the Hillywood Show’s projects on their Facebook and Twitter accounts today.