Carrie Underwood Explains Why She Doesn’t Call Herself 30

April 4, 2013 7:50 am

Carrie Underwood phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to talk her newest single “See You Again” and why she refuses to say she turned 30-years-old recently!

Carrie, who is performing her new single “See You Again” on American Idol tonight, says returning to the Idol stage is “like going back to school…everybody’s always been super nice.”

Carrie revealed the single originally came when “we were writing for [Chronicles of] Narnia soundtrack and we had a magical four days in which we wrote three songs and I loved every single one. There was something so amazingly special about that writing session and the vibe that was happening…after they made their pick I loved ‘See You Again’ there’s something so amazingly special it’s about losing somebody but it’s so positive still about someday being reunited with that person.”

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Adding, “my inspirations are people like my mom, people like my parents and my husband. Heaven forbid anything ever happen to them, I think a song like that would be very, very comforting to me knowing that someday I’ll see them again.”
Carrie also laughed about how after recently turning 30, she prefers to call it turning 29 again. So what’s her deal with being 30-years-old?

“It’s just been absolutely amazing to me how many people have been like, ‘Oh happy 30th birthday.’ ‘Oh yeah, 30, but you look great.’ What does that mean? Was I like supposed to start falling apart? Like transformation into old ladyhood like was supposed to be complete by 30?! I’m not sure what that means!”

Tune in to American Idol tonight on Fox to catch Carrie’s performance of “See You Again” and the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards this Sunday, April 7, to see her perform again!