Happy 44th Birthday Paul Rudd!

April 6, 2013 4:47 am

America’s favorite funny man, Paul Rudd, turns 44!

What better way to wish Paul Rudd a happy birthday than reliving all his funniest movie moments? Below are the many reason why we love Paul Rudd, and can’t get enough of him!

Yes Paul, we care!

He has some pretty sweet dance moves!

He is always looking out for his kids

He makes girls feel included

He looks good with long hair and a massive beard!

Him and Conan are BFF’s

He’s good at math!

He sticks up for his woman!

He has the voice of an angel

He knows how to play the piano

And air guitar…

He’s a trained professional in karate

He doesn’t feel the need to commit

He’s got a killer smile!

He never invades your personal space

He gets up close and personal

Getting hit by a car doesn’t phase him

He loves sea creatures

He’s good with his words

He’s a total bad boy!

Well this one isn’t a shocker…

He comes up with the best nicknames!

OK maybe not the best…

He has a great stage presence

He is totes adorable

He has a way with the ladies

He’s enthusiastic about suits

He’s a closet astronaut

He never loses his cool in front of the ladies

OK, maybe sometimes…

He’s gives good advice

He’s never wasteful

He’s a softy for The Devil Wears Prada

He’s one of the best kissers on TV

He enjoys a good scary movie

He’s loves his “Single Ladies”

He can fake a British accent

He’s not competitive at all

He’s got a good head of hair

He makes throwing a tantrum look cute

He loves bubbles

He fights dirty

He can be very distracting

Simply put…

Happy birthday Paul Rudd, keep bringing the funny!