Mike Trout Tells Ryan Seacrest His Baseball Dreams Came True on ‘Today’

April 9, 2013 8:32 am

Baseball has a young new star on the field who is getting plenty of buzz this season.

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As part of “Today” show’s “On The Verge” series, Ryan Seacrest introduced us to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim star Mike Trout and discussed his quick rise to fame in the big leagues. At just 21-years-old, Mike has already won the Rookie of the Year award, stolen 49 bases and earned a spot as leadoff hitter.

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The New Jersey native who recently met Derek Jeter, his childhood idol, is loving every minute in the major leagues. “It feels good,” Mike said. “Big leagues are everything I expected and more. It’s a dream come true.” Stay tuned to NBC’s “Today” for Ryan’s next morning profile.