Anderson Cooper Sheds Light on Boston Bombing Investigation

April 16, 2013 9:27 am

Anderson Cooper phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Tuesday morning to discuss the tragic Boston Marathon bombings.

The CNN journalist verified that although “authorities simply don’t know at this point” who is behind the two explosions, which went off at the race’s finish line, there was a search conducted in a nearby building.

“They did go to an apartment building in Revere, Massachusetts, last night,” explained Cooper. “That apartment we’re told is connected to the Saudi national who is about 20-years-old, we believe, who is currently in the hospital being treated under guard but is not being called a suspect. This person is just someone they’ve talked to who I guess would be described as a person of interest.”

Cooper continued,”They’re being very clear not to make too much into that. They did go to that person’s apartment and remove some items, they went to that person’s apartment with that person’s permission. They did not need a warrant and didn’t execute a search warrant. We’re told there is another Saudi national who has been talked to, a female, but authorities are really down-playing both those interviews saying of course we will be talking to a lot of individuals.”

Cooper adds that authorities “don’t know if it was an idividual or a group or foreign or domestic.” However, he adds that President Barack Obama‘s label of terrorism is partly “designed to make a statement and cause attention and that’s what terrorism is all about.”

As for the investigation, Cooper also explains that it appears the two bombs “were placed low to the ground … that’s why you’re seeing a lot of lower extremities being amputated and legs being blown off. .. not that there is any blessing from that, but had the explosions been up higher there could have been more injuries because the blast radius could have been bigger.”

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