Pete Wentz Reveals Elton John Is a Huge Fall Out Boy Fan!

April 17, 2013 1:45 pm

Fall Out Boy is back after taking a 4 year break, debuting their latest album Save Rock and Roll, which features a collaboration with none other than music legend Elton John.

The track, which shares the title “Save Rock and Roll,” consists of a mesmerizing upbeat piano ballad but with lyrics like “I cried tears you’ll never see / so **** you, you can cry me an ocean” it doesn’t exactly scream Sir Elton.

So how did the collaboration come about?!

Fall Out Boy Streams ‘Save Rock and Roll’ on Facebook

Pete Wentz shared with “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Elton’s actually a huge Fall Out Boy fan!

Pete revealed: “They reached out to us about doing a cover of an Elton song. They were like he’s a fan and we were like, ‘Oh really? How big of a fan? Cause we have this part…’ It’s crazy to hear Patrick [Stump] and Elton John singing together.”

Get your copy of Save Rock and Roll on iTunes here.