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Summer Bucket List Starter Kit

April 18, 2013 7:46 am

Summer officially begins June 21 … will you be ready?

You’ve probably heard of people creating bucket lists of things they want to do or achieve before they die, but now there’s a new spin on the popular idea … the summer bucket list.

The staff of “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” have come up with their top ideas. Danielle wants to learn to make her own green juices, while Nelson plans to wear less clothes. Patty wants to bake a cake from scratch! On Tanya’s list is to get super tan. Sierra? She wants to jump of a yacht in the ocean.

But we want to hear yours too.

Need some help? Here are ideas from Twitter’s #SummerBucketList hashtag, including traveling to Miami, watching a sunset with a loved one, spending quality time with grandma, and even skydiving!


  • Horseback riding on the beach! ‪#bucket-list ‪#summer ‪#beach ‪#horse ‪#sun — ‏‪@Sigrun_Lilja
  • I wanna drive out to the lake on a clear night and lay under the stars all night with oomf ‪#summerbucketlist — @cortneygraceee
  • Eating at Bubba Gump shrimp on the Santa Monica pier is on my bucket list for the summer.
  • One day this Summer, I’m sleeping on my trampoline with all my friends. ‪#summerbucketlist — @Kaitlin_Cordes‬
  • One thing on my bucket list for summer ; play in the rain lol — ‪@SMarshment‬
  • Bucket list this summer…make a rug with my grandma :) — @Lila020‬
  • Bucket list of places to go to this summer. Chicago, Vegas, and Miami!!! — @DoItLikeBURRney‬
  • Watch a sunset with my girl ‪#summerbucketlist ‪@jordanBrader — @RichieBardell‬
  • Summer bucket list: 1. Do something drastic, but cute to my hair ‪#needachange — ‏‪@mega_flare1‬
  • Just asked ‪@JuliannFerg if we could add “Find a stray dog” to our Summer Bucket List… — @hclev‬
  • Crossing skydiving off the bucket list this summer, I’m blessed. Doing what I want while I can (: — @yaybeckyyay‬
  • Water balloon paint fight is on my bucket list for the summer ‪@alyssashmeaal3 — @AlexisPefff‬