‘Married to Jonas’ Premiere: Kevin and Danielle Debate Moving to NYC

April 21, 2013 9:57 pm

Are Kevin and Danielle Jonas seriously thinking about moving out of New Jersey?

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In the Season 2 premiere for “Married to Jonas,” the happy couple takes a trip to New York in hopes of getting a better sense of the Big Apple.

After a carriage ride, some shopping and a little apartment searching, the duo seem more than interested in moving. “This is what life could be like, why wouldn’t you want to live here?” Kevin asks his wife. “I’m ready to jump into New York,” Dani proclaims.

Back in Jersey, Dani’s parents decide to move into the couple’s home as they wait for construction on their new house to finish. But as they move in, Dani’s brother, Michael, drops a bombshell: He’s moving back to Los Angeles to pursue his musical dreams and he doesn’t know when he’s coming back.

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