Stephen Amell Reveals How He Got Ripped for ‘Arrow’

April 24, 2013 7:58 am

Stephen Amell, one of television’s hottest hunks, stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about the finale of his hit CW show Arrow … and how he scored those abs.

Before the show, “I was an out-of-work actor during pilot season,” Stephen explained. “I had done Hung on HBO and it had been cancelled … I was working on Private Practice during the time and this came to me just like any other audition during pilot season. And it just so happened all the parts came together. You’re never right for a role until you’re perfect for one and this one just seemed to line up for me.”

So how did Stephen know he landed the gig? “It was when I went into the room and there were four people in there and I read my audition and then they said, ‘Can you go wait outside for a second please?’ And so I went outside for a second and came back in and there were like 19 people in there.”

Although he says he can’t “spoil too much” about the finale, Stephen did shed some light on those lacerations he had tweeted about following the filming. “I think it was from when I jumped on a tank…our finale was massive and huge and I didn’t let my stunt double do anything. We were making fun of him during one of the days, especially when we were shooting island sequences because he had the terrible wig on and dressed exactly like me and he was just a bystander the entire day.”

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And of course, we had to ask about that body. “I got rid of gluten and dairy when I auditioned and then through the first season of the show,” Stephen explained. “I’m going to let that go a little bit during hiatus to see if it’s as effective as I think it is.”

And although he may have no visible body fat, don’t get too excited ladies … because this man is taken.

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Stephen dished on his marriage to model Cassandra Jean. “I got married on Christmas Day. We had been together for the better part of a year. It was quick and we didn’t plan on getting married over the break, but we were in the Caribbean and it just seemed like the right idea to get married on the beach at sunset on Christmas Day.”

To hear more from Stephen, and how one of our staffers, Tanya, made out with his Arrow co-star, Colin Donnell, listen to the full interview above!

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