Pro Snowboarder Nick Baumgartner Set up on Date With Tanya

April 24, 2013 10:00 am

Is Ryan Seacrest venturing into matchmaking?

On Wednesday’s On Air with Ryan Seacrest, the host arranged for a special guest to call in to surprise Tanya Rad … pro snowboarder Nick Baumgartner, whom she gave her number to at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

After meeting over the weekend, Nick never called Tanya, so Ryan had him phone in to the show — and yep, it was awkward (that’s Tanya’s surprised face above).

“Everyone in here is turning red,” joked Ellen K.

When Ryan asked Nick to describe his initial thoughts on Tanya and what they talked about, he was at a loss for words. “The thing about me is I am so ADD, I probably couldn’t even tell you what the conversations were. I’m the most spastic person you’ll meet.”

When Ryan decided to let the two have a “private” conversation, Tanya grilled him. “Why didn’t you text me?”

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Nick didn’t have a good answer. “It always seems like it’s the guy that has to do all the work.”

But he didn’t have to do any work this time either: Ryan and the Backroom made plans for Nick to take Tanya out to dinner tonight … and Tanya reluctantly agreed.

Listen the the hilarious bit above and check back in to later to hear what happened on the date!