Ke$ha Explains Her New Glam Look, Says MTV Series Is ‘Crazy Intense’

April 25, 2013 8:02 am

Ke$ha phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday morning to talk about everything from her latest single with,Crazy Kids,” and her new glammed-up look to how she teamed up with Pitbull for her latest Warrior Tour.

The notorious party girl has been rocking a much more glam look lately, which she describes as simply “trying to look a little bit more put together sometimes, but not all the time, so don’t get worried … It’s kind of just this natural evolution. When I first came out, I had no help, no stylist. I had no money and I didn’t even know how to do hair and makeup, nothing. So I was just going to the carpet in these glittery underwear that I bought at a thrift store and this T-shirt that I’ve had since I was 12 and that was my idea of doing a red carpet because I had no idea.”

“Nobody helped me and now I have people who are like, ‘Oh when you go on a red carpet, you wear dresses and heels.’ I’m like, ‘Oh!’ So it’s fun to play dress-up and also fun to let your style evolve.”

But don’t worry, Animals … Ke$ha is not ditching her grunge look entirely. “My go-to outfit is still a flannel and tiny short shorts,” she says. “But I [do] think it’s fun … to keep people on their toes.”

And when she hits the road with Pitbull this summer, Ke$ha will surely be rocking both looks.

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So how did the unlikely duo team up? “Some people have been like, ‘What? That’s such an odd combination’ … But he’s a really cool guy and I worked with him a while back,” Ke$ha shared. “Now — ever since I sang on one of his songs a while ago — every time we see each other, we just like to hang out and get into some weirdness and then we started joking about touring together and then it all came to fruition.”

In addition to everything else that’s going on in her life, the 26-year-old also has her very own docu-series on MTV, Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life … and you’ll never guess who was behind the camera!

“My brother’s actually the one who has been shooting this,” she explains. “He’s a documentary filmmaker and about two-and-a-half years ago, I convinced him to quit his very reputable job … and what he got on tape is thousand and thousands of hours of footage that we made into this docu-series.”

Ke$ha adds: “It’s all real. It’s not scripted. Not one second of it. It’s intense … the party scenes are crazy intense and the vulnerable scenes are crazy intense. Because my brother filmed it, he got the most triumphant moments and also some serious breakdowns I can’t even watch.”

However, there are some lighter moments shown on the show, like when Ke$ha drove by an ex-boyfriend’s house! “Thats not tough to admit [to]—that’s the funny part of the show!” she joked. “Oh, whatever! Everybody does their own version of stalking.”

Listen to the full interview above to hear more from Ke$ha, like how she writes songs with her mom who she says is “even crazier” than her!

Also, listen to “Crazy Kids” featuring here and head to iTunes for your copy on April 30!

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