Channing Tatum’s 33rd Birthday (and Body) Celebrated 33 Ways

April 26, 2013 3:00 am

Happy Birthday, Channing Tatum!

We’re celebrating our favorite hunk’s birthday today. From romantic quotes to shirtless scenes, we’ve rounded out our favorite GIFs of Channing to celebrate his 33 years of beauty, or in other words – perfection.

1. He’s beautiful and tells us we’re beautiful.

2. He loves hugs… and they’re awkward hugs.

3. He can’t stop thinking about it, and by it, he means us. It’s mutual.

4. He sleeps naked.

5. Even teachers love him.

6. He says things guys never say.

7. He’s adorable when he dances.

8. He can reenact one of the greatest love stories ever, Dirty Dancing.

9. He’s honest.

10. He enjoys long walks on the beach.

11. He’s so cute when he plays dumb… at least, we think he’s playing dumb.

12. He’s a secret ninja.

13. He wears his heart on his sleeve.

14. He looks good shirtless.

15. His version of a victory dance.

16. Did we mention he looks good shirtless?

17. He’s romantic.

18. His smirk.

19. His nerves.

20. He’s still romantic.

21. He does things like this.

22. Those crazy faces he does.

23. He cares for our happiness.

24. He thinks about us before he goes to bed at night.

25. His swag. (We mean him being shirtless… again.)

26. The way he answers the phone.

27. He thinks we wouldn’t touch him.

28. He loves fish.

29. He loves cats, too.

30. He’s smart.

31. His role in Magic Mike.

32. Oh, and when he’s shirtless.

33. And lastly, cause he’s fabulous.