Tanya Gets Advice From Dating Coach Marni Battista

April 30, 2013 8:20 am

Tanya’s date last week with pro snowboarder Nick Baumgartner didn’t go so well, so Ryan Seacrest decided to bring in a professional to help her.

On Tuesday morning’s On Air with Ryan Seacrest, he surprised her with a call from Los Angeles dating coach Marni Battista to point out what she did wrong on her date with Nick and how she can change those mistakes for the future.

One of the biggest? When she asked Nick if he thought it was weird that she brought Nelson on her date.

“She planted the seed of weird,” noted Marni. “He might have not thought that was weird. He might have thought that was her friend, so when you say, ‘Do you think it’s weird that …’ you’re just planting a problem that he didn’t even think was a problem.”

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Tanya’s second biggest mistake: high-fiving Nick when he arrived at their date.  “High five is total dude behavior,” explained Marni. “You automatically put it into the friend zone.”

Marni pointed out that Tanya also asked Nick a lot of questions on their first date. “It puts the guy on edge,” she explained. “It makes him feel like he has to perform. It’s inauthentic and disingenuous and it turns him off. It’s not hot.”

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At the end of the date, Tanya told Nick that she doesn’t kiss on the first date, which Marni said was a big no-no. “Even though you knew he wasn’t a perfect match, he could introduce you to someone that is your perfect match, so even if you know in the first five minutes, don’t set yourself up to be negative Debbie Downer.”

What do you think of Marni’s advice? Have you ever made any of Tanya’s first-date mistakes?