What Your High School Photo Says About Your Future Love Life

May 1, 2013 7:32 am

Who knew that the way you look in your high school yearbook photo could impact the rest of your life?

“There’s something in that picture that will tell you if you are marrying the right person or if it has the potential to end in divorce,” according to a study Ryan said on Wednesday morning on On Air with Ryan Seacrest. “They say there is a 95% chance of a successful marriage if the person in their yearbook senior picture is smiling. If they’re not smiling, you’re five times more likely to get divorced.”

How would Ellen K. describe her photo? “I like my shot,” she told Ryan. “My photo is very midwestern, I’m from Indiana.”

Ryan agreed it was cute, especially her hairstyle, which he thinks is still popular today. “And you have the glossiest lips of anyone in a photo ever taken.”

As for his own school picture, he said, “The only thing I notice on mine is I’m not even looking at the camera … I was distracted by something. But we’re both smiling, so that’s good news. And so far, my marriage is going great.”