Kanye West Doesn’t Open a Door for Kim Kardashian in New Video

May 2, 2013 11:03 am

Is chivalry dead?

In a new video that is heating up the web, Kanye West fails to open a door for pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian while in Paris for a pre-baby romantic getaway. After the two got out of their chauffeured car, they headed into a store … and oddly, Kanye appears to be just standing there as the reality star — looking beautiful in a red gown — opened up the door for them.

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Post-shopping spree, they returned to their car and once again, Kim opened her own door as Kanye walked around to the side.

Later in the video (at the 1:05 mark) though, Kanye was more attentive and held open the car door for Kim as she got out and even held her hand as they strolled back to their hotel.

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Kim is due with the couple’s first baby in July. But before then, Kanye is expecting another special delivery: his sixth album, which he hinted on Twitter will be dropping on June 18.

What do you think? Should Kanye have held open the door for Kim?