Justin Bieber Rushed by Male Fan During Dubai Performance: Video

May 6, 2013 6:48 am

One fan got a little too close to Justin Bieber.

On Sunday night, a male Belieber rushed the stage as the singer was performing “Believe” on a piano during a concert in Dubai.

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In a video from the show, the young man can be seen running up behind Justin as he sits at the piano … but he didn’t get much time with the star.

Within seconds, security rushed the fan. As they took him down, the piano actually tipped over and crashed, but Justin, ever the professional, kept right on singing.

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And he wasn’t bothered afterwards either. In fact, Justin retweeted a few fans who wrote about the crazy incident, including his guitarist Dan Kanter. “It wasn’t a prank,” he wrote. “Someone ran on stage during Believe and the piano got knocked off its platform. Everyone is fine. No need to worry!”