Carly Rae Jepsen Explains Why Nicki Minaj Was ‘Perfect’ for Remix

May 7, 2013 7:29 am

Carly Rae Jepsen phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about her collaboration with Nicki Minaj … and she revealed she still hasn’t even met the “Starships” singer.

Carly describes the remix of “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” as “definitely a different flavor. It’s more angsty. It’s more for those going through a breakup, who want to get officially over somebody.”

So what’s the best way to get officially over someone? “Finding somebody new,” Carly suggests. “I think you’re not supposed to say that, but a little flirtation with a new somebody is the easiest way.” She adds that the worst idea is to stay inside looking at old pictures. “That’s pretty much the worst idea ever, but I’ve done that before though so I totally know from experience that doesn’t work too good.”

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Although Nicki lends her rapping vocals to the hit track, the 27-year-old singer reveals she still hasn’t met the American Idol judge.

“No, I hadn’t met her [before] and I still haven’t,” says CRJ. “It was one of those things, same with the Owl City track, like done from a distance. I was in Canada and he was in the U.S. I think Nicki was busy with Idol and I was in the middle of touring in Europe, so we did it from a far.”

She adds that she wanted Nicki on the track because the rapper is “the embodiment of all things confident and powerful, so we felt like she was perfect for this.”

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Since Carly has said that she writes down song lyrics on receipts, we had to ask, what’s her song writing process like?

“I kind of have to be in a certain sort of head space for it, but that has happened in the oddest of places,” she explains. “I actually write a lot when I’m the shower and a lot when I’m on the plane.”

Writing in the shower? Now that seems difficult. Carly laughs: “It’s a super awkward process. If I get an idea in the shower and that does happen, it’s a mad wet dash for a pen and a towel. It’s not a pretty sight, but I do somehow find it and document it down because I’m one of those people that will have an idea and then forget it two seconds later.”

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In addition to working with the American Idol judge, Carly’s also partnered with Coca-Cola for the Perfect Harmony program and will debut a fan-created song during the show’s finale. Carly shares the song is called “Take a Picture” and that she’s enjoyed the process of working with fans.

“It’s good, I’m kind of pumped about this. It’s sort of the most massive collaboration of all time … I was literally couped up in a hotel and I wrote like three different versions of the song … and fans can go and vote on their favorite. I’m interested to see what they come up with. I’m excited.”

Her “Take a Picture” premiere on Idol will also “be the first time I get to meet Nicki face to face.”

Download “Tonight I’m Getting Over You (Remix)” Feat. Nicki Minaj on iTunes here! And be sure to tune in to American Idol on FOX Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8/7c.