Demi Lovato: Selena Gomez ‘Will Always Be There For Me’

May 8, 2013 6:30 am

Demi Lovato has a lot to be proud of lately, with her Demi album coming out next week (but before then, listen to it here), so we’d think she’d have tons of friends and family members sending praise her way.

But after rumors spread she and fellow former Barney & Friends co-star Selena Gomez were on the rocks, would Selena be one of those friends texting her congrats?

Demi Lovato Gives Sneak Peek of Upcoming Demi Album: Listen

According to Demi, of course!

“We grew up together … Nowadays we’re both super busy, but I know she will always be there for me,” explains the “Heart Attack” singer.

Speaking of Selena, watch her video for “Come & Get Ithere!