Leah LaBelle Flirts With Her Male Admirers in New ‘Lolita’ Music Video

May 8, 2013 12:14 pm

Leah LaBelle is catching the eye of all the guys in her brand new “Lolita” music video.

The former American Idol contestant (and Pharrell Williams protégé) has released the video for her sexy single … and it’s an eyeful.

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“Lolita” begins with Leah on a payphone calling up a group of shirtless guys in red heart-shaped sunglasses. She asks them if they “wanna come down to my block,” and next thing you know they’re chasing after her.

Even cooler than the song is Leah’s fashion in the video. From super-short acid-washed jean shorts and a floral crop top to Mr. T-style gold chains, her style is enviable.

“Lolita” is available for download on iTunes here.