Skylar Grey Gets Dark (and Dirty) in ‘Final Warning’ Music Video

May 14, 2013 9:12 am

Skylar Grey‘s new music video for “Final Warning” is as dark as the song sounds.

As it begins with her singing, “Someone’s gonna get hurt and it’s not gonna be me,” she’s seen staggering towards a home covered in dirt.

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Inside, a married man is celebrating his birthday with his family, but the festivities get disrupted when Skylar emerges … and then spews mud. Things get even more complicated later when his wife is rooting around in the trash and finds hints that her husband (played by Looper‘s Noah Segan) and their new visitor may have a dark past.

But the exact details are a little sordid. In the final scene, just as he’s preparing to strangle Skylar with his tie as she’s recouperating in a bedroom, the flash of police lights can be seen outside.

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As he looks out the window, Skylar forms her finger like a gun and mouths “Pow.”

What do you think the video is about?