Randy Jackson Reveals Why He Decided to Leave ‘American Idol’ Now

May 17, 2013 8:14 am

Randy Jackson made his final bow on American Idol last night.

After 12 years of judging on the hit competition show, the head dawg has decided to leave the show.

Randy revealed to his good friend Ryan on On Air with Ryan Seacrest that his decision to leave now was simply because: “It was just time, honestly. You reach that point where you go, ‘Ok, so what do I want to do next?’ You know 12 seasons honestly, Ryan, we’ve done it … [it's time to] get on a different roller coaster.”

So does Randy know what that next roller coaster will be? No. But he doesn’t have second thoughts about leaving Idol.

Behind the Scenes of the Season 12 American Idol Finale

“I’m kind of one of those weird ones. When I’m ready, I’m ready. But it takes me a while to really get there.”

As for the video tribute that played on the finale, Randy joked, “What is so startling for me is to see from Season 1 and 2, just the dramatic weight loss. How I went from this huge guy to the supermodel I am. It’s freaking crazy. I was like, ‘Yo dawg, you are like a third of yourself’ and Ryan and Simon [Cowell] inspired me to do that.”

Since Randy has sat at the judges table for 12 seasons, he’s seen all the changes over the years, but what are his feelings about this season’s panel? “This wasn’t the best in terms of chemistry panel, but no listen, for real … when I look at the talent on the stage and who won and what happened up there, I’m just like whatever people say about the judges – good, bad, indifferent – you look at the talent and I’m proud of us.”